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League Rules ( short version )


League Rules ( short version )

Rules (short version)

Please find below a shortened version of the rules. These ensure the efficient and fair running of the league and enables information to be regularly updated to the benefit of all.

• Home teams are responsible for the provision of pitches and notifying their opposing teams.
• Home teams are responsible for contacting the leagues referee facilitator, Paul Larkin 07863127269, to ensure a qualified referee is in place as early as possible in the week. Giving notification of the time and venue of matches. Especially where kick off times vary from the scheduled Saturday morning 11am starts. 
• Matches can be re-arranged for alternative days and times but only whereby both teams and the league fixture Secretary are agreeable. The referee facilitator must also be notified.
• Referees fees to be paid on the match day and split equally between both home and away teams. (£20 each) 
• Home teams are responsible for notifying the referee facilitator and opposing teams of rearrangements, cancelations or postponements before 7pm the day prior to the match. 
• In the event of a referee no show, teams can prior to the match agree to cancel the game, play as a friendly or appoint an agreed alternative and fulfil the fixture, with the fixture secretary being informed by text.
• In the event of a team requesting a postponement, they must contact both the Fixture secretary 07714994717 and the opposing team and 48 hours’ notice given. 
• Each team is limited to two postponements per season other than weather related and bereavement. Any further postponements could result in loss of points 
• Home teams must inform their opposing manager of the venue for the fixture. All  team contacts are displayed on the website. 
• Any team refusing or failing to fulfil a fixture shall be judged to have lost the fixture. 
• Players and coaches photographic registration spreadsheets (Klubfunder team reports) should be requested by the opposing manager at any time prior to or during the match and must be provided. Failure to do so could result in the loss of points. 
• Match cards must be completed in ink. 

• Completed match cards MUST be returned to the league within 48 hours (Sunday excluded) of the match being played. The address of league is:  Harry Gregg Foundation (Youth League), 23-25 Queens Street Coleraine BT52 1BG.
• Failure to return match cards could result in fines and or loss of points.
• BOTH teams must text results to 07714994717 on the day of the match using the following format. e.g. Limavady U12 lost 1-0 , Limavady U12 won 1-0 or Limavady U12 game abandoned or postponed. 
• Failure to text results or notification of postponements within 24 hours of the match, will result in the match being declared void.
• Match balls: Size 4 up to and including Under 13 and size 5 for all older age groups
• Match duration: 30 minutes each half for U13s, 35 minutes each half for U14s, U15s,U16s and 40 minutes each half duration for U17.

• Three bookings will warrant, on the third booking, a suspension period of two matches. Managers should note all bookings to ensure that the player is suspended. 
• ALL players sent off will be suspended for an immediate period of two matches. 
• On match day, teams can have 16 players, each team allowed five subs. All five subs can be used on a roll on roll off basis in accordance with NIBFA rules. Substitutes can only be made when the ball is out of play. 
• 11 aside squads can sign a maximum of 22 players.                                                        Registration shuts on October 31st,  reopening for the month of January.                         Players can be unregistered.                                                                                                          Teams are restricted to two transfer ins, three in exceptional circumstances.
• Teams are restricted to a maximum of three match day coaches. Child welfare policy dictates that a minimum of two coaches or a coach and a nominated volunteer must be present with each team on match days.
• Scores displayed on the website will be restricted to five goals difference. Leagues titles will not be won on goal difference. Play offs will be used if required. 
• Teams are encouraged to avail of spare weeks to re-schedule postponed games.    

• NIBFA cup games take precedence over all HGFYL games. 
• HGFYL Cup games take precedence over league fixtures.
• Clubs and individual teams are responsible for the behaviour of their Players, Coaches and spectators. The committee hold the right to take action up to and including expulsion where deemed fit. 
• Protests or appeals must be submitted by a nominated club admin and received by the league, in writing within 72 hours after the cause. This should be accompanied by a deposit of £5 which shall be forfeited in all cases not sustained.  
• All communications to the league should be via a recognised club admin via the hgfyl@harrygregg.com email address. 
• Only coaches invited on to the HGFYL Coaches 2019-20  Facebook closed group will be approved for membership. 
• All fixtures and results can be accessed on the HGFYL website hgfyl.leaguerepublic.com
              Management committee.


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